Adena Health System is participating in a statewide public awareness campaign that focuses on the safety and availability of health care. Led by the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA), Ohio Children’s Hospital Association and Ohio State Medical Association, the campaign assures people that Ohio’s hospitals and physician offices are safe. It also explains the importance of taking care of one’s health care needs by going to a doctor or hospital for routine and urgent medical care.
The statewide hospital campaign encourages people to not delay the care they need or to doubt the safety of Ohio’s hospitals. The message affirms that health care providers are safe, open and available to deliver high-quality care to Ohioans. The campaign features two videos:
• “Your health matters” ( – It is safe for you to visit your doctor or your hospital. Make an appointment today or seek urgent care when you need it. Your health matters.
• “Health care is safe” ( - Ohio’s health care providers have always treated people who are sick, and ensured the wellness of those who are not in safe, appropriate care settings. Our hospitals and doctors’ offices are safe, and we are here for you — like we have always been and always will be.
“As we each begin to navigate our new normal, patients can be confident that when they seek care at any Adena Health hospital, health center or clinic, they will find the highest levels of quality, cleanliness and safety,” Adena Health President and CEO Jeff Graham said. “Across the System, we have added screening processes for anyone who enters, created socially distant waiting and common areas, installed safety barriers where needed and have added enhanced cleaning and disinfecting processes to our nationally recognized quality and safety practices. Anyone entering an Adena facility should be assured they are in a safe place for close-to-home care delivered by our exceptional team of caregivers.” 
The campaign comes as the result of a trend being seen across Ohio and the nation. Health care providers are seeing a substantial decline in the number of patients coming in for preventative and emergency treatment. Several national studies have found people with serious health conditions or symptoms are avoiding hospitals out of fear of catching COVID-19 or contributing to its spread, risking their health in the process.
“Ohio hospitals and health systems are a vital source of health care and wellness services for our communities,” said Mike Abrams, president and CEO, Ohio Hospital Association. “Every day, hospitals are committing resources and preparing their facilities to ensure patient safety and health care quality. We encourage Ohioans to get the care they need today.”
Anthony Armstrong, MD, president of the Ohio State Medical Association added, “There is tremendous concern for people who urgently need medical attention for conditions unrelated to COVID-19. The message has to be clear: Your health is your responsibility; and it is safe to seek the care you need from your doctor.”
As all Ohio providers, Adena is following state and federal guidelines to make sure its facilities and staff are prepared to receive patients in the safest and most efficient ways possible. The OHA warns that delaying or avoiding care can lead to serious complications or long-term health problems.
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