Southern State Community College has released its president’s and dean’s lists for academic excellence for Fall Semester 2017. To be eligible for the president’s list, a student must maintain a 4.0 grade point average while carrying a specific number of academic credit hours. Those who achieve the dean’s list are full-time students who have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

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The following are the honors lists:

Adams County
Named to the President’s List from Adams County are Tanner Arey of Peebles, Corey Baldridge of Peebles, Lawrence Baucom of Seaman, Conner Campbell of West Union, Bradley Cluxton of Peebles, Haley Daniels of West Union, Kaley Daniels of West Union, Alaina Eiterman of Winchester, Jared Fenton of West Union, Elijah Fuller of West Union, Braydan Gaffin of West Union, Alaina Harover of West Union, Avery Harper of Winchester, Ashley Hubbard of Seaman, Baylee Justice of Peebles, Elijah McCarty of West Union, Hunter Mefford of Seaman, Benjamin Miller of Manchester, Ethan Pennywitt of Manchester, McKayla Raines of Seaman, Mackenzie Toole of Seaman, Kain Turner of Seaman, Jordan Yoder of West Union and Taylor Young of Manchester.

Named to the Dean’s List from Adams County are Sandra Bailey of West Union, Sophia Barry of Winchester, Isabelle Brumley of Winchester, Abby Campton of Seaman, Jalyssa Carson of Winchester, Alexandria Clark of West Union, Rylee Clift of Winchester, Caleb Colon of Peebles, James Combs of Manchester, Michelle Cran of Peebles, Veronica Day of Seaman, Jennifer Edmisten of Peebles, Samantha Gillespie of West Union, Nicholas Griffin of West Union, Duncan Hesler of Winchester, Sierra Ireton of Peebles, McKenzie Kirker of West Union, Abigail McFarland of Manchester, Travis Parish of Winchester, Alex Pence of Winchester, Colton Pertuset of Seaman, Carly Phillips of Seaman, Layne Piatt of Seaman, Jeffery Schmitz of Peebles, Abbigale Sexton of Winchester, Isabelle Sexton of Winchester, Ryan Shupert of Seaman, Amber Taylor of West Union and Heather Wollum of Peebles.
Brown County
Named to the President’s List from Brown County are Brooke Anderson of Sardinia, Kable Bargo of Mt. Orab, Tanner Bogart of Sardinia, Breanne Brusman of Williamsburg, Allison Day of Winchester, LeAnna Delaney of Hamersville, Isaac Dotson of Russellville, Chelsea Flick of Mt. Orab, Colin Graham of Georgetown, Ava Hayslip of Sardinia, Roberta Householder of Georgetown, Carson Jones of Mt. Orab, Katy Jones of Mt. Orab, Nicholas Lewis of Georgetown, Charles Patten of Hamersville, Hannah Ross of Sardinia, Arlene Shumaker of Mt. Orab, Cassidy Staggs of Sardinia and Truman Wells of Hamersville.

Named to the Dean’s List from Brown County are Serenity Batterson of Fayetteville, Dezirae Bonilla-Smith of Sardinia, Sharon Clifton of Mt. Orab, Ryan Craig of Hamersville, Chloe Dawson of Mt. Orab, Shelby Dixon of Ripley, Jillian Donohoo-Boyd of Williamsburg, Jasey Dufresne of Mt. Orab, Caleb Fite of Hamersville, Cheyenna Fowler of Georgetown, Magdalena Fultz of Mt. Orab, Rebekah Grayless of Russellville, Kelsa Gruber of Mt. Orab, Jacob Harness of Sardinia, Madison Hopkins of Sardinia, Alyssa Kidwell of Hamersville, Sophia Leto of Mt. Orab, Kaydie Lopez of Mt. Orab, Courtney Martus of Russellville, Keenan Massey of Winchester, Zachary McKenzie of Russellville, Jerikah Morrison of Mt. Orab, Nancy Parker of Sardinia, Nicholas Reilman of Mt. Orab, Melanie Smith of Sardinia, Josiah Staggs of Ripley, Abigail Swanson of Sardinia, Aliyah Williams of Bethel and Clayton Wolfe of Williamsburg.
Butler County
Named to the President’s List from Butler County is Maxwell Pelcher of Liberty Township.
Clermont County
Named to the President’s List from Clermont County are Tara Amiott of Cincinnati, Brandon Browne of Bethel, Markus Cockerham of Batavia, Grace Kuntz of Williamsburg, Cheyenne Riley of Bethel and Olivia Taylor of Bethel.

Named to the Dean’s List from Clermont County are Kyle Boggs of Williamsburg, Nicholas Fish of Williamsburg, Heather Hensley of Bethel, Jillian Jackson of Williamsburg, Tiffany Waters of Mt. Orab and Ashlie Wilson of Moscow.
Clinton County
Named to the President’s List from Clinton County are Aidan Hester of Martinsville, Katie Hughes of Wilmington, Kylie Miracle of Wilmington, Triston Moore of Sabina, Ricardo Nevarez of Wilmington, Blake Rhinehimer of Reesville, Travis Ribby of Lynchburg, Abigail Tackett of Wilmington and Anne Thompson of Wilmington.

Named to the Dean’s List from Clinton County are Brelee Arehart of Wilmington, Nigel Banks of Wilmington, Daniel Bogan of Wilmington, Caitlin Boys of Wilmington, Matthew Carter of Wilmington, Morgan Collner of Wilmington, Dylan Combs of Wilmington, Judith Dean of Sabina, Johnathan Fletcher of Wilmington, Austin Florea of Clarksville, Reno Graff of Blanchester, Jade Harrell of Wilmington, Derick Luttrell of Sabina, Jeremy Marsh of Wilmington, Jacob McCarren of Sabina, Alyssa McCune of Wilmington, Matthew Sell of Wilmington, Scott Stewart of Sabina, Shane Streber of New Vienna, Zachary Toney-Marcum of Wilmington, Stephanie Wiley of Blanchester, Alexis Winemiller of Blanchester and Heather Woolums of Wilmington.
Fayette County
Named to the President’s List from Fayette County are Nicholas Elrich of Washington C.H., Maizy Funderburg of Washington C.H., Christian Gillenwater of Washington C.H., Wendy Hawk of Washington C.H., Celeste Nye of Washington C.H., Brandi Rayburn of Washington C.H., Megan Stanton of Leesburg, Kurtis Sunderhaus of Washington C.H., McKenzie Thacker of Bloomingburg, Nicholas Timothy of Washington C.H., Olivia Wolffe of Jeffersonville and Philip Zoodsma of Washington C.H.

Named to the Dean’s List from Fayette County are Lindsy Aills of Washington C.H., Matthew Bryan of Washington C.H., Ashley Caldwell of Washington C.H., Courtney Curl of Washington C.H., Kourtney Davison of Bloomingburg, Gregory Dowdell of Washington C.H., Rebecca Fletcher of Washington C.H., Nathan Forsha of Washington C.H., Joshua Golden of Jeffersonville, Alyssa Griggs of Washington C.H., Colten Hughes of Sabina, Dusty Knisley of Washington C.H., McKenzie Martin of Washington C.H., Matthew Moore of Washington C.H., Zachary Murphy of Washington C.H., Trevor Phillips of Washington C.H., Dawn Pollock of Washington C.H., Zachary Potts of Washington C.H., Paul Reed of Bloomingburg, Jazlyne Robinette of Washington C.H., Elizabeth Rohrer of Washington C.H., Alison Thompson of Mt. Sterling and Kalika Wilson of Washington C.H.
Greene County
Named to the President’s List from Greene County is Kody Leno of Xenia.
Hamilton County
Named to the Dean’s List from Hamilton County is Jennifer Munoz of Cincinnati.
Highland County
Named to the President’s List from Highland County are Logan Bailey of Hillsboro, Ashleigh Baucom of Hillsboro, Elijah Brandyberry of Hillsboro, Whitney Broughton of Hillsboro, Christopher Cruea of Hillsboro, Holden Daugherty of Greenfield, Breanne Fender of Hillsboro, Ruth Haynes of Hillsboro, Macy Knoblauch of Hillsboro, Kristian Lovlie of Hillsboro, Jayme Maynard of Hillsboro, Riley Moberly of Hillsboro, Mary Mundt of Greenfield, Jerimiah Penn of Greenfield, R. Travis Reed of Hillsboro, Holly Sink of Hillsboro, Janice Smith of Hillsboro,  Rustin Swackhamer of Hillsboro, Emma Wardlow of Mowrystown, Elizabeth Washburn of Greenfield, Alanta Wolfe of Hillsboro, Emily Young of Hillsboro and Owen Young of Hillsboro.

Named to the Dean’s List from Highland County are Jeffrey Beery of Hillsboro, Ryan Bradley of Hillsboro, Veronika Burgess of Leesburg, Denise Cox of Greenfield, Jason Dick of Hillsboro, Opal Dunn of Hillsboro, Baylee Eastes of New Vienna, Contessa Ernst of Hillsboro, Tabatha Evans of Hillsboro, Makayla Fittro of Lynchburg, Madison Garrett of Hillsboro, Christopher Green of Lynchburg, Megan Hardesty of Greenfield, Madison Hatfield of Greenfield, Emily Hawk of Hillsboro, Peyton Heizer of Leesburg, Garrett Irvin of Leesburg, Taylor Johnson of Hillsboro, Jessica Lerch of Hillsboro, Rebeka Losey of Greenfield, Ashley MacDowell of Hillsboro, Sierra McBride of Leesburg, Aaron Miller of Hillsboro, Olivia Mitchell of Leesburg, Abigail Myers of Hillsboro, Alexis Penn of Greenfield, Xavier Roberts of Hillsboro, Cody Seitz of Greenfield, Andrew Shannon of Hillsboro, Brooklyn Shaper of Lynchburg, Megan Smith of Hillsboro, Ashley Taylor of Highland, Nicholas Wardlow of Mowrystown and Oliver Wolfenbarger of Hillsboro.
Lawrence County
Named to the Dean’s List from Lawrence County are Keisha Fox of Pedro and Jacob Staggs of Proctorville.
Madison County
Named to the Dean’s List from Madison County are Brook Bryant of Mt. Sterling and Madison Slagle of London.
Pick away County
Named to the Dean’s List from Pickaway County is Hunter Hawk of Williamsport.
Ross County
Named to the President’s List from Ross County is Emily Turner of Frankfort.

Named to the Dean’s List from Ross County is Tammy Louk of Bainbridge.
Scioto County
Named to the Dean’s List from Scioto County is Britnee Swick of West Portsmouth.
Warren County
Named to the Dean’s List from Warren County is Sean Hutchens of Lebanon.