Jesse Mitchell, Greenfield's technology director, had the great idea to put in the walk-through metal detectors, branded by Secvera, to take students’ temperatures quickly.

There are several locations with these devices, including the doors next to the office, the doors by Sixth Street, the doors leading to the student parking lot, the doors to the new gym lobby and the doors at the new vocational building. The first one was put in place Aug. 24.
These contraptions stand approximately eight feet tall and are easy to use for temperature taking. They register the students’ and staff members’ temperatures from the wrist, and a computerized voice reads off whether someone’s temperature is normal.

McClain Principal Matt Shelton said that the machines make the entrance to the building easy and eliminate big clusters of students. The budget for the machines was estimated to be around $3,000 each, and Shelton feels the investment helps things run smoothly each morning.