Pictured are Lynchburg-Clay FFA students who are managing the video portion of the “Arrive Alive” campaign. (Submitted photo)
Pictured are Lynchburg-Clay FFA students who are managing the video portion of the “Arrive Alive” campaign. (Submitted photo)
Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 reason for death of youngsters in America, and 75 percent of them don't include drugs or alcohol. In 2018, nine percent of all teens who died in motor vehicle crashes were a direct result of distracted driving.

This year, the students of the Lynchburg-Clay FFA Chapter committed themselves to combating a fight against the #1 killer for young people by making and dispatching a vital Distracted Driving Social Media Campaign that spotlights on the risks of diverted and foolish driving, explicitly in rural areas. Discover our mission on the chapter's Facebook page during National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 17-23.

The mission utilizes a PCN system. This construction enhances the positive practices and beliefs of drivers and passengers, instead of zeroing in on risky behaviors and permits Lynchburg-Clay High School students to develop better driving and riding routines in a hopeful light.

The campaign will cover the essential elements of diverted and careless driving, as well as provide manageable tips to drivers in the local community who may be affected by agricultural machinery, wildlife or hazardous weather conditions during travel time.

The Lynchburg-Clay FFA Chapter's Distracted Driving Social Media Campaign, “Arrive Alive,” is a chance for the members to develop considerable solutions and techniques that address foolish and diverted driving. Students driving the work develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through conducting research and building strategic communications, as well as advance their technical and creative writing skills.

The chapter’s mission is a working piece of the Just Drive Contest, graciously supported by New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM), and facilitated by the public charitable, Impact Teen Drivers (ITD), whose vision is to change the culture of driving to zero interruption. ITD works with heroes of varying age and background — from students and instructors to medical specialists and first responders — to publicize tools and programming to engage great decision-making in the car.

Champions will be chosen by a board of qualified judges dependent on the mission's idea and imagination (25 percent), execution of the mission (25 percent) and the adequacy of the message (half). The winning campaigns will be declared no later than Nov. 10. Prizes will be granted to the schools with the best missions as follows: first spot - $10,000; runner-up - $5,000; and third spot - $2,500.

Thank you for your attentiveness to make our local community more secure by assisting us with halting the main enemy of young people. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of others by building lasting educational strategies against distracted and reckless driving. Let’s all Arrive Alive.