Pictured (l-r) are Brad Wenstrup, Mike DeWine and Dave Yost.
Pictured (l-r) are Brad Wenstrup, Mike DeWine and Dave Yost.
Republican Brad Wenstrup was re-elected to the 2nd Congressional District after defeating Democrat challenger Jill Schiller, while other statewide races were decided, including Republican Mike DeWine being elected the new governor of the state.

Wenstrup won over Schiller by an unofficial vote of 163,450 (57.82 percent) to 115,777 (40.95 percent). Green Party candidate James J. Condit Jr. unofficially received 3,473 votes (1.23 percent).

With the win, Wenstrup has been elected to his fourth term in the 2nd Congressional District.

In the Highland County vote, Wenstrup unofficially totaled 10,451 votes (78.15 percent), followed by Schiller at 2,741 (20.50 percent) votes and Condit Jr. at 181 votes (1.35 percent).

Rep. Wenstrup released the following statement on Tuesday evening:

“This was a spirited race, and a lot of hard work went into it. My biggest thanks go to all the men and women of this district, whom I’m honored to serve and have gotten to know so well,” Rep. Wenstrup said. “While the Republicans have made some significant progress over the last two years particularly, we still have some serious issues facing our country. With this strong signal of support, I will continue my service for Ohio and America. I am looking forward to getting back to work right away.”

In the statewide elections, Republican candidates won all five state races.

• Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine defeated Democrat Richard Cordray by unofficially gaining 2,187,619 votes (50.66 percent) to Cordray at 2,005,627 votes (46.45 percent) with 98.81 percent of precincts reporting. Also in the governor’s race, Libertarian candidate Travis M. Irvine totaled 77,184 (1.79 percent) votes, and Green Party candidate Constance Gadell-Newton had 47,664 votes (1.1 percent).

In Highland County, DeWine unofficially received 9,812 votes (73.09 percent) to Cordray at 3,185 votes (23.72 percent). Also in the vote, Green Party candidate Gadell-Newton unofficially received 158 votes in Highland County, and Irvine unofficially totaled 270 votes (2.01 percent).

DeWine is currently Ohio attorney general and has served in the Ohio State Senate, in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate. His lieutenant governor will be Jon Husted, who is currently serving as Ohio secretary of state.

• In the Attorney General election, Republican Dave Yost defeated Democrat Steve Dettelbach with an unofficial vote of 2,226,368 (52.42 percent) to 2,021,199 (47.58 percent) statewide with 98.81 percent of the precincts reporting.

In the Highland County vote, Yost unofficially received 9,930 votes (74.81 percent) to Dettelbach’s 3,343 votes (36.38 percent).

Yost is the current state auditor and a former county prosecutor.

• In the State Auditor election, Republican Keith Faber defeated Democrat Zack Space and Libertarian Robert C. Coogan. Faber unofficially received 2,110,073 votes (49.93 percent), followed by Space at 1,946,544 votes (45.81 percent) and Coogan at 167,974 votes (4.02 percent).

In Highland County, Faber unofficially had 9.708 votes (73.69 percent), with Space at 2,979 votes (22.61 percent) and Coogan at 487 votes (3.7 percent).

Faber is currently the 84th District Ohio state representative and is a former Ohio Senate president.

• The Secretary of State election saw Republican candidate Frank LaRose defeat Democrat Kathleen Clyde and Libertarian Dustin R. Nanna. LaRose unofficially gained 2,166,125 votes (50.92 percent), with Clyde at 1,987,916 votes (46.73 percent) and Nanna at 99,808 (2.35 percent).

In Highland County, LaRose unofficially received 9,722 votes (73.64 percent), followed by Clyde at 3,181 votes (24.09 percent) and Nanna at 299 votes (2.26 percent).

LaRose is a U.S. Army veteran and an Ohio senator.

• The Treasurer of State election saw Republican Robert Sprague defeat Democrat Rob Richardson. Sprague unofficially gained 2,257,955 votes (53.53 percent) to Richardson’s 1,960,075 votes (46.47 percent) in the statewide vote.

In Highland County, Sprague unofficially gained 9,979 votes (75.82 percent) to Richardson at 3,183 votes (24.18 percent).

Sprague is a previous city treasurer and auditor who currently serves as a state representative.

Sprague gave a comment on Tuesday evening in a press release:

“I’m honored that Ohioans have put their trust and confidence in me to serve as Ohio’s next Treasurer of State,” Sprague said.

“I’m ready to get started implementing the innovative financial solutions I talked about on the campaign trail so that together, we can create a smarter, stronger and safer future for our families.”