The following are the unofficial results of the Nov. 5 general election, with 31 of 31 Highland County precincts and absentees reporting. (One person is to be elected to each position unless otherwise noted.)

Hillsboro City Mayor
Justin Harsha (R) 760
Anton Weissmann 11

Hillsboro Council President (UET)
Jim Cameron (D)  351
Thomas G. Eichinger (R) 469

Hillsboro City Auditor
Alex Butler (R) 757

Hillsboro City Treasurer (UET)
Heather Young (D) 528

Hillsboro City Director of Law
Fred J. Beery (R) 702

Greenfield Village Council (3 elected)
Mark W. Branham 303
Brenda Losey 319
Kyle Barr 89
Mark Clyburn 64

Highland Village Mayor
Julia Crabtree 14
Jeremy Kibbey 26

Highland Village Council (2 elected)
Andrew Mackan 26
Tim Williams 33

Leesburg Village Mayor
Shawn C. Priest 122

Leesburg Village Council (2 elected)
Blythe Pelham 27
Rita J. Smith-Daulton 103
Kenneth W. Worley 101

Lynchburg Village Mayor
James A. Burton 187

Lynchburg Village Council (2 elected)
Marty Bailey 170
Ken Eaglin 146

Mowrystown Village Mayor
Stephen M. Sheeley 27

Brushcreek Township Trustee
David L. Chaney 143

Brushcreek Township Fiscal Officer
Angela Crum 102
Betty J. McElwee 50

Clay Township Trustee
James P. Massey 158

Clay Township Fiscal Officer
Pat Winkle 166

Concord Township Trustee
JD Ogden 80
Gary L. Shannon 140

Concord Township Fiscal Officer
Karen S. Schroeder 183

Dodson Township Trustee
Marvin L. Resibois 380

Dodson Township Fiscal Officer
Kristy Warner 365

Fairfield Township Trustee
Andy Caldwell 275

Fairfield Township Trustee (UET)
Kenny Stevens Jr. 296

Fairfield Township Fiscal Officer
Patrick A. Hagen 282

Hamer Township Trustee
Nathan D. Mootz 115

Hamer Township Fiscal Officer
Kimberly A. Walker 115

Jackson Township Trustee
Jerry L. Miller, Jr. 135

Jackson Township Fiscal Officer
Pat Michael 66
Carleta L. Weyrich 114

Liberty Township Trustee
Ronald D. Ward 938

Liberty Township Fiscal Officer
Kay Barrera 882

Madison Township Trustee
Dan Mathews 683

Madison Township Fiscal Officer
Sherri Beatty 649

Marshall Township Trustee
Shane Flannery 148
David Garen 118

Marshall Township Fiscal Officer
John Abell 139
Melanie Phillips 144

New Market Township Trustee
Dick Barrera 279

New Market Township Fiscal Officer
Susie Burns 62
Sara Surber 132
Darrell Warnock II 97

Paint Township Trustee
Randy Mustard 308

Paint Township Fiscal Officer
Karen Rumbaugh 264

Penn Township Trustee
Daryl Bumgarner 120

Penn Township Fiscal Officer
Jason Davis 122

Salem Township Trustee
David L. Hamilton 127

Salem Township Fiscal Officer
Jamie Wells 122

Union Township Trustee
Nathan Brown 117

Union Township Fiscal Officer
John W. Henize 123

Washington Township Trustee
Arthur Harless 88
Gary W. Reno 36

Washington Township Fiscal Officer
Vic Gall 108

Whiteoak Township Trustee
Fred Yochum 120

Whiteoak Township Fiscal Officer
Wayne Ferguson 124

Brown County ESC Governing Board (2 elected)
Bryan Mount 4

Adams County Ohio Valley Schools (2 elected)
Charlie Bess 54
Rick Davis 53

Bright Local SD School Board (3 elected)
John D. Gillespie 344
Tammy Hauke 360
Jobey Lucas 393

East Clinton SD School Board (2 elected)
Kelli DeBold Jamison 27
Janielle Runyon 71
Kasey Smith 90
Amy Zimmerman 55

Eastern Local SD School Board (3 elected)
Adam W. Bolender 4
Hanna Hopper 4
Lowell Richey 4
Martin L. Yockey 3

Fairfield Local SD School Board (3 elected)
Ron Friend 310
John Welling 265
Shawn Willey 277

Fayetteville-Perry SD School Board (3 elected)
Laura A. Iles 0
Kathleen Johnson 0
Brian Kleemeyer 0
John T. Smith 0

Fayetteville-Perry SD School Board UET
Rachel L. Ray 0

Greenfield EVSD School Board (2 elected)
Jason Allison 424
Greg Barr 296
Elizabeth J. Carson-Murphy 272
Sandy Free 455
Eric R. Wise 441

Hillsboro CSD School Board (2 elected)
Tom Milbery 1281
Bill Myers 1312

Lynchburg-Clay SD School Board (3 elected)
Bobbie Jo Ernst 519
April Flowers 392
Brad Hess 584
Bret E. Malone 531

Miami Trace SD School Board (2 elected)
Charlie Andrews 0
Bruce Kirkpatrick 0

Issue 1 Lynchburg Area JFD Levy, 5 years, 1.2 mills
For the Tax Levy 552
Against the Tax Levy 208

Issue 2 Clay Township Tax Levy Renewal, 5 years, 0.5 mills
For the Tax Levy 118
Against the Tax Levy 64

Issue 3 Marshall Township Tax Levy Replacement, 5 years, 3.9 mills
For the Tax Levy 177
Against the Tax Levy 100

Issue 4 Clinton Highland JFD Tax Levy Additional, Continuing period, 2.5 mills
For the Tax Levy 75
Against the Tax Levy 66