We are brought to properly give honor to our Creator every day! Regardless of what goes on in order to challenge the Lord above, we have already read the end of the Bible! Jesus is prepared right now to take complete charge of every detail in this universe (begin reading in Revelation 19).

He is waiting so patiently for each of us to reject our sinfulness and to accept what he has done to make it possible to go to Heaven. This is worthy in every aspect of thinking and acting, that we need to often pause and pray with thanksgiving to our Savior.

The first book named as Chronicles gives us quite a lot of names and details. King David’s psalm of thanksgiving is written for us, starting in 1 Chronicles 16:8 and going on to conclude in verse 36. It is a marvelous reminder of the truths that are completely accurate now in our day! Verse 31 says: “Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, ‘The Lord reigneth.’”

We are reminded here, as well as throughout the Bible, why it is so important to find out Who God is, what He has done and throughout the futures the wonders He will perform. He is in charge and continues to be so patient for Christians to send forth His Word.

We have had the churches open so that we could attend and be encouraged on a regular occurrence. That came to an abrupt halt, and now we greatly suspect the reasons and motives why something so highly important is quickly closed. We have never expected to make such abrupt changes, and yet we have then seen Christ open new doors and ideas brought forth for us to use.

Whatever we can do, it is now more important that our hearts and wills say “Brethren, We Have Met To Worship” in the splendor of His holiness. This song first appeared in southern churches around 1825. We need to face the battles in the same ways today. Getting more of Christ and the strengths of our convictions is the need of each day. Faithful worshipping members are better prepared to tell those around them the truth of their need of salvation. Our first verse gives the words:

“Brethren, we have met to worship and adore the Lord our God.
Will you pray with all your power, while we try to preach the Word?
All is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One comes down.
Brethren, pray, and holy manna will be showered all around.”

We do not just want a little flash of God here and there throughout our lives. That is a regular feeling that so may church folks want a little splash to soothe the knowledge of sin and the desire to try to clean up whatever we could do ourselves. Without Christ, there is no help or no hope!

The next verse tells about so many at the edge of Hell:

“Brethren, see poor sinners round you slumb'ring on the brink of woe.
Death is coming, hell is moving — Can you bear to let them go?
See our fathers and our mothers and our children sinking down.
Brethren, pray, and holy manna will be showered all around.”

Maybe we have casually prayed for others who are not yet realizing how supremely their need for Christ now stands.

Every American needs Christ more fully and deeply than ever before. He is the complete satisfaction that we could have. Jesus is everything we need in the mental and spiritual aspect. We can never get finished encouraging others in His Love!

In our song’s fourth verse, we encourage the women for Christ in the heart of others:

“Sisters, will you join and help us? Moses’ sister aided him.
Will you help the trembling mourners who are struggling hard with sin?
Tell them all about the Savior — Tell them that He will be found.
Sisters, pray, and holy manna will be showered all around.”

To be a 100-percent believer in what the Bible declares about Jesus Christ is more reasonable as time for us goes on! We all need more of the truth the Bible gives and less of what the Christless world sets forth to be good and natural.

Only a Bible-believing church is then able to do this work and then fulfill its Christ-honoring call as it witnesses. Isaiah writes in 6:1 that he recognized seeing “also the Lord sitting upon a throne.” He then praises in verse three: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts.” As we meet together for church, we need to do these two, along with more! He shouts and prays in Isaiah 6:5: “Woe is me! For I am undone; because I am man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.” Going to a church of Bible-believing growth, we also are made to be spiritually more assured of past sin forgiven because we each can request in honest prayer that God would wash it away. Isaiah uses a likeness, “having a live coal in his hand … and said: ‘Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin is purged’” (6:7).

We need to deal with sins in our lives that have cropped up recently. It takes us going to “church” and being settled with God as we pray, hear and sing through what God has settled into our hearts. We then conclude the new zeal to serve God with the dedication in Isaiah 6:8. We each need to get ready for our answer to when God asks: “Whom shall I send, and will go for us (asks the Lord): Then said I, Here am I; send me.” That needs to be the conviction we strongly hold.

No matter what God asks, it is important that we answer “yes” for whatever He wants us to do! A lot of the hearing and understanding comes seriously in the right kind of church that keeps us with the right kind of heart.

The last verse of “Brethren, We Have Met to Worship:”

“Let us love our God supremely. Let us love each other too.
Let us love and pray for sinners till our God makes all things new.
Then He’ll call us home to heaven; at His table we’ll sit down;
Christ will gird Himself and serve us with sweet manna all around.”

The chorus:

“All is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One comes down;
Brethren — pray, and holy manna will be showered all around.”

We all need God-honoring churches — please go!