“For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.” Psalm 36:9 uses a simple beauty to express that our Creator is the only source of life and thus its provider and sustainer.

The “twin” words of life and light speak of all things kinetic – sound, heat, motion and dozens more ways in which God energizes our universe. Life and light complement one another.

As the dawn of a new day glistens, so do the hustle and bustle of the human and animal communities. Light of a beautiful and thankful soul can be seen in the sparkle of their eyes. Light and life bring joy and blessing to our lives.

As my eyes have dimmed with age, I have appreciated even more a trusty flashlight, worn on a headband, so that hands are free to work and eyes are better able to see what the hands are doing.

Farm animals are being born into our southern Ohio world in this wind-chill deep freeze. Heat lamps and windbreaks are the order of the January hour, as are ice breaking and drinking water carried in buckets.

Late and early trudges to the barn for nursery room check-ins are a must. Comfort interruptions are far better than losing newborns or new mothers. Life is precious and more fragile than we realize in our “take it for granted” day.

God is the “fountain of life,” and we find it to be “with thee,” as the Psalmist has written. He, as God, is life’s author, planner, design engineer and facilitator.

About a dozen major systems and thousands of miles of nerve fibers and blood vessels work harmoniously to constitute one living organism. Red blood cells are tirelessly manufactured by the millions every minute.

The fist-sized heart dynamo is said to move 600 tons of blood via 2.8 billion “beats” in a 70-year period. Man’s three-pound adult brain is only two percent of the body’s mass and yet uses up 18 to 20 percent of our daily energy input. It is estimated that an adult human has 100 trillion cells, with 240 trillion nerve synapses (gap connections), to make protection for the body’s systems and to cause life to continue.

Psalm 30:5 includes the statement concerning God that “in his favor is life.” The Creator is all about life, as we might rightly assume, and has blanketed our world with more forms of organisms than we have yet discovered. Life is our cherished friend and should be made most welcome. On the other hand, death is not favorable. Paul the Apostle writes in 1 Corinthians 15:26 that “the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

We read or view the daily accounts of man killing man by drugs, alcohol, suicide and homicide. Natural disasters and foolish pride steal even more lives, and if that would not satisfy the bloodthirsty, terrorism adds more to the death toll each week. The list of intentional killing by the hand of man is headed by the gruesomeness of abortion.

Under the cover of “women’s rights,” the black-robed jurists in the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruled that pre-born people do not have the same rights as the post-born. These little folks are not as visible nor audible and as such are more conveniently disposed of in our “noble” nonsense of population control. Rather than being a young woman’s decision, it is often the forcefulness of the sire that presses for death of their child.

Unbiblical relations of the sexual nature have been taught and promoted by our unbridled society for years, and we have reaped the sad harvest of illegitimate pregnancies in epidemic numbers.

Virtues of Bible morality have been discarded in the interest of “instinct irresponsibility.” Young men and women are being taught that extramarital sex is normal, natural and acceptable and that a Godly marriage is economically negative.

The Bible warns that sins of adultery and fornication bring about sex outside of wedlock within a stable environment. This sin then brings a third person into the picture – one who cannot enunciate or litigate for their right to live.

It is not a matter of new thinking or a liberated lifestyle that engenders such national tragedy as 60 million deaths in 45 years. Promiscuity is still what it always was. There is nothing liberating about being in the bondage of sexual lust. New names and another coat of whitewash do nothing to change the fact that sin remains sin. Adultery does nothing more than to further adulterate. Outside of Jesus Christ, we poor humans have no power of our own to stop the cycle of illicit sex and consequent abortion in many cases. The God-ordained libido then wrecks lives.

We must deal with this overpowering area of life as per the instruction of the Bible, or we will wind up as sad losers. God has ordained one man and one woman in one marriage for as long as it can be.

Children are welcomed into this environment and are given every encouragement to succeed. This foundation is the cornerstone of society. In culture after culture, the Devil has attacked home, marriage and family. He is well on his way to destroying America through perversions of Biblical sexuality and the further sin of pregnancy abortions. God favors life, and Satan seeks to destroy life. There is no life to be found in either sodomy or abortion.

In just a few days after conception, the God-assigned gender of the baby can be determined. After 24 days, the new heart begins to beat, and within 43 days, the brain waves can be recorded. The child becomes well-proportioned in just eight weeks, and thumb-sucking occurs inside nine weeks. The youngster is able to swim and flip around in four months. (Statistics adapted from “Milestones of Early Life” by permission of Heritage House 76, Inc.)

Romans, Chapter 1, describes the condemnations brought about by holding contempt for life: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (verse 22); “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen” (verse 25).

In verses 24, 26 and 28, we read that our long-suffering Creator finally gives them up and gives them “over to a reprobate mind” (verse 28). It is shown that they have crossed over the barricade between God’s mercy and into His wrath. He warned us early on that “My spirit shall not always strive with man” (Genesis 6:3).

God is certainly in favor of life. Do you stand with Him?

R.D. “Bob” Hottle is a retired schoolteacher, farmer and pastor of the Anchor Baptist Church.