To the editor:

“It’s all good.” “It will all work out.” “We are blessed.” These are the words of Jeanetta Turner. As coordinator of the Leesburg Community Center, she manages the food giveaways each month and distributes to needy families in a carefully organized system.

She was grateful when Community Action called Dec. 12 and offered toys for the Christmas packages for her many recipients. The caller said the number of toys would fill the back of a small van. The next day, Friday, a good-sized pickup truck arrived at the Leesburg Center with toys piled so high that strong security straps were holding them all in.

Many who looked at such a mammoth project during a busy season would just sit and cry. Not Jeanetta. A short prayer to ask for guidance, and she set to work. Though she is reluctant to constantly ask for help in the center, she could count on her family. Her son and wife and Jeanetta’s other grandsons showed up to write down and number every toy and then wrap them.

The next morning, Saturday, Dec. 14, Jeanetta’s friends from Hardins Creek Friends Church came to work. Normally just one or two show up. Not this day.

Somehow, many felt compelled to get to that center, perhaps a motivation prompted by Jeanetta’s prayer. Despite kids and grandkids playing basketball at the school, despite the normally busy Christmas season, despite that most have just this day for their own chores after a full work week, many more than usual were there right at 9 a.m.

The workers took each family and found just the presents needed for each one. Everyone worked quickly, filling the bags as well as waiting on those who came for the food pantry. The bags were filled by 2 p.m. Teens who commonly had to be told what to do and were reluctant to agree to work sessions eagerly pitched in with every detail to accomplish this huge project.

Perhaps this project will be my highlight of fun and satisfaction this Christmas season. Church friends worked together and felt the triumph of contributing something significant. And all of us who participated were inspired by Jeanetta, her work ethic, her encouragement, her servitude. And it was all good, and it all worked out. Yes, we are truly blessed.

Nellda Friend