To the editor:

State Farm offers a Neighborhood Assist Grant program nationwide offering 40 $25,000 grants. At this stage, it has been narrowed to 200 finalists nationwide.

The Freestore FoodBank is located in Cincinnati and is a finalist and I am asking for your voting help. While they are a food distribution center for many causes in many counties, locally they have a presence.

I, as well as other businesses in Hillsboro, donate to them to purchase food for the Power Pack Program for the students at Hillsboro City Schools. The Power Pack Program is free to the students, paid by people and other businesses like myself, for prepackaged food to be sent home for the weekends to those less fortunate that may not get a meal at home.

I have also been to their facility and donated my time to pack the power packs as well. This is a great cause overall and I would love for the FreeStore FoodBank to earn an additional $25,000. I’ve met their president, Kurt Reiber, and he is a wonderful man. This is a great personal cause that I love. Please consider using your votes here.

If anyone has questions about this, please let me know. You must log in initially, and have the opportunity to vote 10 times per email each day. We (State Farm) do not keep your information, solicit or send you promotional information from State Farm. The only information you may get is regarding this cause and winners.

The top 200 causes have until Oct. 2 at 11:59 p.m. ET to rally votes and anyone voting is allowed up to 10 votes per day. Voters can use them all on one cause, or spread them out in any way among multiple causes. On Nov. 4, the top 40 vote-receiving causes will be announced at and a $25,000 grant will be awarded to each of the affiliated nonprofits.

Amatha Farrens