To the editor:

In regard to this article "City of Hillsboro transferring 4 properties to CIC; council OKs zoning, property code ordinances," I was one of the home owners mentioned that did not receive a letter.

I messaged a lady named Patty Montgomery Day and sent this:

"I'm not much into all the politics but my friend who lives a couple houses up just told me about the re-zoning. I am concerned about this because I never got any notification in the mail. I would like to know how this affects my property value as we are really trying to gain equity, and I have operated a home business in the past. I like having that option as the zoning is now it allows that for me for future possibilities. I cannot make it to a meeting as things are right now, but if I could I'm thinking I would vote no. Is there anything I could sign?"

The response I received was an explanation of the basic re-zoning (which I already understood; hence, why I reached out with a concern). She gave me the city phone number, and she stated that there was "documentation" from the city that a letter was sent in December. Which I will state again: I did NOT receive such a letter. There was nothing sent to me that I signed for. Had I signed for such a letter, I would have certainly remembered that as well as having read it.

As I mentioned in my letter to her, I had a home-based business just up this very street back in 2002. My husband and I could easily expand our driveway for more parking if I ever choose this as an option in the future. Now, it would seem, this is no longer an option. We are buying this home. It is my understanding that this does affect re-sale as well. I am completely surprised that this could happen to my property that I own without my knowledge and/or something as simple as a signature from us indicating this is acceptable by us.

Just giving me a phone number after it's all nearly a done deal is not a drama I wished to take on things being what they are. I certainly would not wish to attend a meeting during a pandemic. It is my feeling that I should not have to go pick a battle regarding my property. This is something that should have been brought to me, and asked of me in the first place.

I am not a political person. I am not about any kind of drama, but this is certainly disappointing to say the least. I must lack understanding in some regards, because I still don't understand how a choice such as this could be made about a property I own without my consent. I certainly understand someone wanting a property that is for sale to be able to be sold, but why on earth pick/choose others as well who did not ask for such a thing. All these homes are sandwiched between local businesses. I have a commercial property directly across from me, and others that I can see from my porch. None of this sounds quite kosher to me (it seems I had no choice in this matter), and I just thought that I would voice this to you in regards to your article. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Cristi Arnold-Brownlee