To the editor:

If I were to choose someone I would like to hang out with, I would choose based upon personality. I would like someone with interests almost identical to mine: someone with a good sense of humor, an easygoing individual whom I felt comfortable with.

However, if I needed a serious operation — perhaps brain surgery — I would be more concerned with the doctor’s patients’ survival rates, what percentage of his patients made it through and how many were left severely compromised.

I wouldn’t give a whit about how comfortable I felt about him, whether I would enjoy spending an afternoon with him or if we had similar hobbies or other interests that I could relate to. Only his performance during that crucial period of time when my life and future were at his mercies would matter.

When we go to the polls to vote, the only matter we must keep in mind is productivity, not likability. America is indeed at a crucial state after being hit by a horrible pandemic.

Our president has acted proactively, first by stopping China’s entries into America when members of the other party were taunting him as xenophobic for doing so. This act alone probably saved millions of lives. At this time, prominent members of the other party were taking vacation trips to Chinatown and saying, “It’s safe. Come on down!”

Our president has shown wisdom and foresight in so many other ways and has endured merciless attacks that were enough to have broken the spirit of many others. His resilience and foresight have been on display, and his productivity has continued, strengthened with every blow his opponents have relentlessly leveled upon him. He has indeed been tested in fire and is ready to give America four more years.

Glenna Walters
Highland County