To the editor:

During a news conference regarding Ohio House Bill 305 on June 26, State Rep. Robert Cupp said he believes HB 305 would meet the constitutional standard for a thorough and efficient system of common schools.

Cupp served as an Ohio Supreme Court justice prior to serving as a state representative.

HB 305 is a bill written to implement the 18-month study that resulted in the Cupp/Patterson (Rep. John Patterson) Fair School Funding Plan. HB 305 has over 60 co-sponsors.

During the news conference, both Cupp and Patterson indicated that recommendations for improving the bill are welcome. They expressed interest in starting hearings as early as July.

HB 305 is, of course, subject to the legislative process. There have been no decisions yet as to committee assignment and hearing schedule.

Representatives Cupp and Patterson, along with the school funding workgroup consisting of legislators, school superintendents and treasurers, have done formidable work in putting together the framework that the legislature can use to enact a constitutional system of public common schools.

It is incumbent on the Legislature to fashion HB 305 into a school funding policy that meets the constitutional standard of a “thorough and efficient system of common schools.”

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William L. Phillis
Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding