To the editor:

Notwithstanding politics at the highest level of government in the U.S. and Turkey, Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen is staying put in the U.S.

Turkey President Erdogan had requested that both former President Obama and President Trump extradite Gulen. There are differing opinions among Trump advisers on the matter.

No doubt, Obama advisers had differing opinions as well.

Gulen, living in exile in Saylorsburg, Pa., operates a worldwide Islamic movement. An important component in his religious/political/economic movement in the U.S. is his charter school industry.

With recent heightened tensions between Washington, D.C. and Ankara, Imam Gulen’s future in the U.S. could be hanging in the balances. If Gulen is extradited – not likely – his charter school empire in the U.S. could be in jeopardy. The Gulen enterprises in the U.S. depend on tax dollars laundered through charter schools.

Numerous FBI raids, in response to complaints about fraud and corruption in his charter school industry, have not resulted in any public disclosure of the results of investigations. Gulen’s connections at the highest level of U.S. Government protect his interests. Loss of high level support from U.S. officials, however, could topple his charter business and thus his total movement in the U.S.

Meanwhile, U.S. taxpayers are supporting the Gulen empire through tax-supported charters.

William L. Phillis
Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding