To the editor:

On Feb. 2, 2021, my son was killed and his horse and buggy destroyed by a rear-end collision on U.S. 62 south, with a 3,000-feet line of sight down from the gas station in the community of New Market in Highland County, Ohio.

Although living out of state, as his father I visited the site and tried to stay in touch with the local officials. The airbags on the driver’s vehicle deployed, and the in-car sensor indicated the vehicle was traveling at 60 mph and the brakes had not been applied prior to impact.

After four continuances, a plea deal was made for a charge of reckless operation of a vehicle, two months in jail suspended, probation, a required PRT course and four points on the driver’s license.

Although I requested – in writing – of the local officials and the civilian attorney hired to prosecute this case to be present at final disposition, I received a call from the court house after the sentencing.

The way this case was handled is not what I, as Scott’s father, would have expected.

I ask how does this equal justice?

To say the system is broken might be too strong a comment; but ask yourself: if your family member had been the victim, what would you think?

Thomas C. Richardson