To the editor:

Once again Fethullah Gulen is in the international spotlight.

The Fethullah Gulen religious/political organization operates 150 tax-funded charter schools in the U.S., 17 of which are operating in Ohio.

Gulen is an exiled Turkish Islamic cleric whose international, religious/political movement is shrouded in mystery. Why Gulenists would be approved to operate charter schools in American is baffling.

What has been reported:

• Gulen and the current President of Turkey, in a previous era, were working on the same political goals in Turkey.

• Gulen was given asylum in Saylorsburg, Pa. in the late 1990s.

• Gulen and the president of Turkey became enemies in 2013.

• Gulen was blamed for the military coup attempt in July 2016.

• The Turkish government has asked the U.S. government multiple times to extradite Gulen. It appears the CIA is protecting Gulen.

• Gulen has advised his followers to get into the "arteries of government" in the countries they operate.

• Thousands of Gulenists have been brought to the U.S. on H-1B visas to work in charter schools on the assertion that American teachers and administrators are not available.

• Turkish charter personnel pump funds into the Gulen movement.

• Gulenists have used their charter operations to help build an economy within the U.S.

• Gulenists provide free trips to Turkey and boatloads of perks and contributions to local, state and federal politicians.

• Gulen charter school and management companies have been investigated by the FBI and other federal and state agencies for a variety of reasons, including "white collar" crimes, but the charters continue uninhibited.

What has not been reported:

• Why is Gulen being protected?

• Why are Gulen charter schools allowed to operate and expand?

• What is the motivation of the Gulenists in operating charter schools in the U.S.?

• Why do most media outlets not investigate the Gulen movement in the U.S.?

• Have Gulenists been successful in brainwashing political leaders in the U.S.?

Maybe the Mueller probe will answer some of these alarming questions.

William Phillis
Ohio E&A