John Wesley Ruble (1884-1948) married Ida Mae Brooks (1895-1991) on Sept. 14, 1915 in Highland County. His parents were John Lewis Ruble (1846-1921) and Sarah Ellen Haines (1853-1921).

John and Ida lived in Mt. Orab in an area called Bucktown. In 2014, a relative was cleaning out the house and had brought letters, pictures and other items down to the Kellough Avenue flea market. I didn’t see the pictures until recently, but I knew who they were. And now we get to the real story about who they were and how they were connected to John and Ida.

The postcard picture circa 1910-15 was given to John Ruble and it was a Merry Christmas from Mark and Delbert Ruble addressed to uncle and aunt. The parents of these boys were John’s brother Franklin (1878-1913) and Sarah Jane Young (1885-1951). Franklin had married and was working on his father-in-law’s farm in Salem Township, Highland County near the Brown County line just west of Harwood.

There is more to this story with a Mowrystown connection, but it will have to come later.

The next picture came as a surprise, Henry Beltz (1871-1944), none other than the brother of William L. “Bill” Beltz, owner operator of the Mowrystown Brick and Tile plant. Henry married Abbie Pitzer (1873-1928) in Highland County on Jan. 6, 1897. The picture had “aunt and uncle” written on the back. So what was the connection? Abbie was the sister of Annie Pitzer and she had married William A. Brooks (1873-1922) before 1895. By 1900,
Annie was back in her father’s household with Ida. Annie remarried later to Sherman Hopkins.

Henry and Abbie lived in Clay Township around Buford until Abbie’s death in 1928. I know that Henry worked at the Tile Mill as early as 1912.

In 1930, he was a lodger in Mowrystown; and in 1940, he was living with his brother at Mowrystown. So, a little more Brick and Tile history.