Last week, I said that I would come back to Robert Irwin Huggins (1812-97), who was married to Sarah Sally Moore (1815-97). I had the understanding that he was a minister; however, on each census, he was listed as a farmer: 1850, in Washington Township, Brown County; 1860, in Green Township at Greenbush; and in 1870-80 at Williamsburg, he was a miller and also at Bethel.

I note that John Moore, father-in-law, is living in the household on the 1850 census. Martin Luther Huggins (1834 and death date unknown, but believed to have been before the 1870 census), was a 16-year-old boy and it is my guess that he had heard stories about John Moore’s activities on the Underground Railroad.

Martin married Letitia Jane Beck (1836-1920), the daughter of Dr. Isaac Morris Beck (1807-1901) in Brown County on March 15, 1853.

On the 1860 census for Sardinia, Martin is listed as a physician, but a family story is that “He was a circuit rider music teacher in the country schools in Brown County near Sardinia, and because his moving about was normal, he was given a leading part in the Underground Railroad that moved slaves across the Ohio River and on into Canada.

“The plantation owners in Kentucky learned of his activities and put a price on his head. He came up missing and nothing further was ever learned of him. It was presumed that he was disposed of in the Ohio River. After the turn of the century, his son, Frank Huggins (Franklin Charles Huggins 1856-1945), received his violin, expressed from Cincinnati, but location was untraceable.”

Martin was registered for the Civil War draft and his occupation was listed as physician, but he never served. He was not listed on the 1870 census, but his wife was listed and the youngest child was “Bertie” (1869-1955). So, he was a doctor, but I never learned that he was a music teacher and he could of carried out his involvement in that profession.

Elsewhere, another item states the following: “I was told by my grandfather that Martin Luther Huggins was a traveling music teacher. He was also a very strong Presbyterian who believed that alcohol and slavery were evil. He helped organize a portion of the Underground Railroad. When his body showed up in a river, they were unable to learn who was responsible.”

Martin’s children includede: Edward Lovejoy Huggins (1854-1938), who married Sarah Ann Kirk (1852-1913) in Brown County on May 21, 1876.

Her parents were Joshua Wells Kirk (1825-1901) and Rachel Ball (1831-97). The Kirks provide an interesting history for the Mowrystown community, but more on this later.

The Hugginses had five children.

• William Morris Huggins (1860-1948) married Alice Mary Darby (1862-1916) in 1881. His middle name was given in honor of Dr. Beck’s uncle – whose last name was Morris – of Bethel. They had four children.

• Franklin Charles Huggins (1856-1945) married Mary Jane Marriott (1859-1934) in Highland County on May 9, 1876. He was a farmer in Clay and Hamer Townships in Highland County. They had 12 children.

• John Erwin Huggins (1862-82) worked for his stepfather, Ralph Gilbert Burba (1854-1902), who was a railroad contractor. John was living with his mother and stepfather on the 1880 census.

• Bertin May “Bertie” Huggins (1869-1955) married John Harmon Dunn (1862-1941) on Feb. 9, 1888. By 1900, they were living in Alabama and by 1910, they were in Florida. They were the parents of two children.

• Edith Luella Huggins (1871-1948) married Curtis Parker Moore (1868-1946) at Sardinia on June 2, 1894. By 1910, they had moved to Florida and were the parents of three children. Edith’s father is listed as Martin, but since the date of his death is unknown and since he was not listed on the 1870 census this birth is curious.

Her mother, Letitia J. Beck, didn’t marry Burba until 1878.

I now recount the children of Robert Irwin Huggins (1812-97). After Martin, the next two girls died young. Sarah Orilla Huggins (1841-1922) married Grandville Barber Fiscus (1839-91) on Sept. 19, 1861 in Brown County. They lived around Greenbush, Green Township, Brown County. They were the parents of eight children.

Another child, Cephus U. Huggins died at just 4 years of age. Samantha Ann Huggins (1846-1921) married Samuel Nutt Channell (1839-1928) on Dec. 20, 1866 at Sicily. They moved into Clermont County at Williamsburg and had five children.

John Torrey Huggins (1849-1929) was married twice and had three children. He was trained as a dentist and had a practice at Sardinia with one break when he went back to Bethel before his father died.

Robert Ira Huggins (1852-1938) married Emma Kalista Kratzer (1857-1928) on Nov. 4, 1874 in Clermont County. They had eight children. He was a carpenter and a stationary steam engineer for a shoe factory around Bethel.

More Huggins history will be included next week including a history of the Buford Presbyterian Church.