There is a lot of information on John Moore (1779-1857) who was born Dec. 4, 1779 in Madison, Middlesex, New Jersey, but we do not know his parentage. 

John Moore married Frances Graham (1781-1832) in Monongalia, Va. in 1799.

She was a sister to David Graham, Sr., who we wrote about at the beginning of this series.

John Moore and Frances came west to what became Brown County, Ohio in 1817 with the Pettyjohns, Dunns, Grahams and others in the 1802-03 timeframe.

We know this information because he was a clerk of session and elder of the White Oak Presbyterian Church that started in the Ebenezer Cemetery as early as 1815 and he served that Church until his death in 1857.

It was his records of the Church that Linda Druhot Sheehy transcribed in 2003. We also have information regarding his involvement with the Underground Railroad which was centered in the Pettyjohn settlement on the East Fork of White Oak Creek at what became Sardinia in 1835.

Their first child was Josiah Moore (1807-50), who married Patsy Gilliland (1807-31) on Dec. 28, 1828.

They had one child, Cyrus B. Moore.

After Patsy’s death in 1831, he married Phebe Rondabush (1808-71) on March 12, 1832, and they had seven children. They lived in Washington Township, Brown County, Ohio, where he was appointed postmaster of Lilly (Sardinia) on Jan. 19, 1837.

Jane Moore (1809-33) married Amaziah Chapin Huggins (1799-1872) on May 1, 1828. They had two children before her death.

(I will cover the Hugginses later in this series.)

Sarah Sally Moore (1815-97) married Robert Irwin Huggins (1812-97) on Dec. 11, 1832. They had nine children.

Between 1850 and 1860, they moved to Green Township, Brown County. By 1870, through 1880, they lived at Williamsburg in Clermont County.

After that, they moved to Bethel in Clermont County where they both died and were buried there.

(I will tell more about Robert Irwin Huggins later in this series.)

Ira (Newton) Moore ((1820-49) and John (Boyd) Moore (1821-45) did not appear on census records except as numbers in John’s household.

I did find that John Moore’s son, Newton, was baptized on July 20, 1823 and that his son, John Boyd Moore, was accepted into the Congregation on June 16, 1840.

Also, Josiah’s son, Cyrus, was admitted at the same time.

I found no death or marriage records in the church records for them.

From Underground Railroad history, John Moore worked with John Rankin in identifying “safe houses” and other details of the routes north of the Pettyjohn settlement.

He also worked with John B. Mahan and John Hudson (the full-time conductor) in helping “runaways” to escape northward on the Underground Railroad.