The migration series that I did on the first settlers in White Oak Township, before it was a Township, is possibly my best as an historical piece. It was done by pure deed research, taking each survey and looking up who the first owners were.

That took a lot of time and energy, time I still have, if the good Lord is willing, but the energy has gone!

So, about two years ago now, I received a 1914 postcard photo of a group of members of the Presbyterian Church of Sardinia from Frances Moffitt, who was living in California.

As Clerk of Session of the Church, I sent a very nice thank-you letter.

About a year ago, a young man from California attended our church service on his way to the East Coast and he was the son (Ken Moffitt) of Frances.

Since I was the historical guy, I could come up with history that he and his family could relate to.

This became the basis of six generations of descendants who were the early settlers of Highland and later Brown Counties near Sardinia and on the East and North Forks of the White Oak Creek. Ken gave me the history top down, but I will give it bottom up.

It starts with where they came from before moving to Ohio: Butler
County, Pa., Cumberland and Mathews, Monongalia County, Va., Graham, Moore, Prickett, Dunn and Pettijohn, Va. McFaddin, Gastonia area of North Carolina, Huggins, Gilliland, Baird or Beard and from France, Cornetet.

The base line is Jane Dunn (1774-1839), who married David Graham Sr. (1774-1845), both of whom were buried at Sardinia. Her father was James Dunn, who married Dorothy Prickett, both circa 1755-60. Dorothy’s father was Captain Jacob Prickett, founder of Prickett’s Fort near Fairmont, W.Va. Her mother was Dorothy Springer.

The first child of David and Jane Dunn Graham was Rebekah Dixon Graham (1800-88), who married Joseph McFaddin (1800-80) on Dec. 19, 1827 in Brown County. They had six children, and we will learn more about them later.

Dorothy Corahan Graham (1802-34) married Stout D. Runyon (1804-64). They had three children before her death. I will tell a Jim Bell story about Runyon later.

Zena Graham (1805-35) married Lewis Calvin (1800-78) on April 5, 1821 in Brown County. They had four children before her death.

Susannah Graham (1806-83) married Jacob Davis (1800-73) on June 6, 1833. No other reliable information was found at this time.

Alice Graham (1814-??) married George Parks (no other information).

Jane Graham (1816-39) married Shepherd Johnson on June 26, 1834 in Brown County. They had two children before her death.

John Graham (1809-91) married Rachel Kennedy (1806-66) on June 30, 1829 and they had nine children. They moved to Chenoa, McLean, Ill. before 1860.

Cassandra Graham (1811-90) married Isaac Morris Beck (1807-1901) on Nov. 6, 1833, and they had nine children. Isaac was Dr. I.M. Beck of Sardinia and he appears throughout our Brown County history.

Elizabeth Graham (1812-83) married Oliver S. Sroufe (1815-1901) on Dec. 20, 1838. They had five children. By 1860, they had moved to Illinois and then Iowa.

Nancy Graham (1818-82) married Andrew Raney on July 11, 1850 in Brown County.

By 1860, they were living in Illinois; by 1880, they were living in Nebraska. They had three children.

I have three more children to cover, but they will have to wait until next week.