(NAPSI)—When the dreaded lice letter comes home, you’ll want an effective product—NOW.

For a long time, the only options to treat head lice were home remedies or pesticide-based retail products (using permethrin or pyrethrins). But are home remedies the only effective option for lice treatments when you’re concerned about pesticide (or chemical) exposure?

The Problem

According to a study in the Journal of Medical Entomology, lice have become overwhelmingly resistant to the pesticides (a race of “super lice” has evolved) in traditional over-the-counter treatments. So products containing these ingredients are no longer consistently effective. This often comes as a surprise to parents who buy these products believing they’re most toxic to lice.

Contrarily, many parents choose home remedies because they fear the chemicals found in traditional commercial lice treatments are harmful or too aggressive. Although home remedies are readily available and inexpensive, many are not easy to apply and most fail to kill lice or eggs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has no clear scientific evidence that suffocating head lice with mayonnaise, margarine, butter, herbal oils, olive oil or similar substances is an effective form of treatment.

Then there’s combing. It can be a highly effective way of removing lice and eggs to eliminate an infestation. It’s not a technique with which most parents have experience, however, and it requires diligence and patience to ensure no lice or eggs are missed that would perpetuate the infestation. Some products that claim to eliminate super lice and eggs are only acting as a conditioner for the hair to make combing easier.

An Answer

Fortunately, there are now affordable pesticide-free head lice treatment options (pediculicides) available over the counter that can deliver better efficacy and convenience than both home remedies and pesticide-based products. However, not all products claiming to kill super lice and eggs work the same way. To get rid of lice, you need to focus on two important aspects:

• Kill the lice that are living

• Kill the lice eggs waiting to hatch.

A new generation of pesticide-free products has been designed to kill the lice and eggs while still in the hair so that less emphasis is put on combing perfectly. One such is Vamousse Lice Treatment. It was developed by entomologists (bug experts) to kill lice and eggs with a sodium chloride solution that attacks the entire infestation cycle while the lice and eggs are in the hair with one application. The convenient, clinging mousse makes application—even on squirming children—easier, so you can better target the scalp and roots where lice and nits live. Attacking the full life cycle of adults and eggs means a second treatment for hatching lice is not required.

There are more options than ever before for treating head lice. If you’re concerned about the chemicals in traditional treatments, consider the technology of pesticide-free products such as Vamousse Lice Treatment. There’s no longer a need to compromise between safe ingredients and efficacy when selecting a lice-killing product. You can get confidence and convenience beyond what an unproven home remedy alone delivers and assurance beyond combing alone. Resolve this year to opt for a pesticide-free formula that kills lice and eggs on contact even before you start combing.

Learn More

For further facts and tips on getting rid of lice, visit www.vamousselice.com/tips-choosing-lice-treatment.

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