(NAPSI)—If you’re one of the 35 million Americans moving this year—and even if you’re not—consider replacing your old mattress with an easy direct-to-consumer online brand. Here’s why:

1. Price—After all the costs of hiring professionals to wrap and ship your mattress, you may already be looking at more than it would cost to buy a new one. Also, it’s worth taking into account that the Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years, so if your mattress falls into that category, it’s time for an upgrade anyway.

2. Sleep Trials—Trying out dozens of mattresses in-store for a few seconds at a time isn’t a good indication of how you’re going to actually like sleeping on it day in and day out. The only way to truly tell if it’s the right fit for you is to be able to sleep on it at your home for an extended time. No brick-and-mortar mattress brand offers that type of superextend sleep trial. However, Nectar Sleep, an online mattress brand, offers a 365-Night Trial that lets you actually try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home to be totally sure it’s the right fit for you. For added convenience, the company also offers free returns and pickup.

3. Hidden Delivery Fees—The price tag you see in stores may not take into account shipping and handling, which is a cost you need to pay and can add a considerable amount to the final bill. When buying a mattress from most online companies, the price you see is the price you pay, which includes shipping.

4. High Quality—The technology of today means you can have a high-quality product without going store to store to compare. Brands such as DreamCloud specialize in luxury quality mattresses at what most would consider an affordable price, available exclusively with easy online ordering. Combining patent-pending coil technology with hand-tufting across eight handcrafted layers of latex, memory foam and cooling gel, along with a cashmere-blend top, a DreamCloud mattress features just about everything you’d want with a price tag considerably less expensive than its competitors.

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For further facts on mattresses, go to www.dreamcloudsleep.com and www.nectarsleep.com.

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