(NAPSI)—Sending flowers to show love, caring, and concern—whether for Mother’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because—is something people have done for a long time, and now science tells us there might be a biological reason why.

“Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory,” note researchers at Rutgers University. “The simple presentation of flowers, even a single flower, will release a strong and immediate behavior reflecting positive affect. It’s possible that the flowers—either through their visual or odorous qualities—have effects on brain chemistry.” In fact, the researchers found that women who receive flowers report positive moods as long as three days later.

Whatever the reason why people enjoy them, if you’re sending flowers, make the experience the very best it can be. Here’s how:

• Choose delivery. You might be tempted to grab some cellophane-wrapped stems from a grocery store or bodega, but that just can’t compare to a professionally designed, packaged and hand-delivered bouquet from 1800flowers.com. There’s a little thrill of surprise that comes when a delivery person arrives with a gorgeous display of blooms.

• Plan ahead. Ordering online ahead of time will not only provide peace of mind, but it can save you money if you let the florist make your flower delivery a few days before or after a holiday.

• Know their favorites. Delight your loved ones by giving them the kinds of flowers they prefer. (And call ahead to ensure your florist can include those varieties.) Different blooms can carry different associations based on personal experience. Perhaps pink roses bring back happy memories of her mother’s rose garden, but orchids remind her of her aunt’s funeral. He might be partial to beautifully-scented varieties, such as lilies, freesia, lavender, or hyacinth—or maybe flowers with strong fragrances trigger his allergies.

• Ask about the details. It’s perfectly OK to ask how many stems of each flower will go into an arrangement, or to find out whether it’ll be delivered in a plain glass vase or a keepsake planter. You might want to request more flowers or a more elegant container.

• Vase or no vase? Consider expertly-designed arrangements in vases versus farm-fresh bouquets beautifully presented in gift boxes. If your loved one is into floral designing, skip the vase and save (when ordering online, do that by selecting “Shipped in a gift box” or “Bouquet only”).

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