(NAPSI)—Have you ever pondered the delicious cup of coffee served up at your favorite coffee shop and wished your hurried morning home-brewed cup could be just as good? If you use one of the push-button pod brewing systems, you are choosing convenience and speed but sacrificing flavor, value and the environment. Do you realize that when you buy coffee pods, you are paying about $40 per pound of coffee and adding greatly to the local landfill? A drip coffeemaker brews somewhat better-tasting coffee but you probably waste half the coffee that you brew. That is like doubling what you pay per pound of coffee.

Better Taste, Less Waste

There are some great inexpensive devices for brewing a wonderful single cup of coffee. Manual brewers, many say, brew the best cup of coffee you can make at home. With these brewers, you can use your favorite freshly roasted local coffee, and what's more, you don't waste any. You brew only the number of cups you want. With a brewer such as the AeroPress coffeemaker you can brew a smooth, rich cup of coffee with no bitterness in just a minute or two. The AeroPress has the unique capability to brew espresso so you can make café-quality lattes at home. The process is simple, cleanup is fast and easy, and the grounds, including the filter, are compostable. Every ounce of coffee you buy ends up in a cup you drink, so none of your money goes down the drain.

It's possible to brew café-quality coffee at home without spending hundreds of dollars on a machine or wasting half the coffee you brewed. Use a manual brewing device, brew one or two cups at a time using freshly roasted coffee, and you'll get the most out of every bag of coffee you buy.

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