The 2017 Girls Basketball Highland County Shootout will held on Wednesday, June 14 at both the Hillsboro High School and Middle School gyms, with a start time of 4 p.m.

Games will be two 20-minute halves, with running time until the last minute of each half. Each team will get two timeouts per half.

The schedule is as follows:

HHS High School Gym:

4 p.m. — Hillsboro vs. Fairfield

5 p.m. — Fairfield vs. McClain

6 p.m. — Hillsboro vs. Lynchburg-Clay

7 p.m. — Hillsboro vs. Whiteoak

8 p.m. — Hillsboro vs. McClain

Middle School Gym:

4 p.m. — McClain vs. Whiteoak

5 p.m. — Whiteoak vs. Lynchburg-Clay

6 p.m. — Fairfield vs. Whiteoak

7 p.m. — McClain vs. Lynchburg-Clay

8 p.m. — Fairfield vs. Lynchburg-Clay