I think I was keeping my powder fairly dry when it came to predicting the winner of the presidential election. It has been a very unusual political campaign, going back a couple of years.

Predicting the outcome was dangerous business, as many pundits have realized this side of the result. Hence, I have been quiet on the possible outcome for several weeks.

Thank you to the founding fathers, for creating a system that can right itself just about the time the ship of state is about to sail off the edge of the earth. Thank you, Divine Being, for saving us from ourselves.

In church on Sunday, Nov. 6, the pastor’s message was from Jeremiah 29: 1-14. In this passage, the Lord tells the people of Israel that they are going into captivity in Babylon and they better “buck up, little campers” for this was His will.

In recent times, I couldn’t decide if He was going to send us into exile or give us another chance.

Based on the results of the election, it looks like we have another chance, one we had better not blow.

We have been living in “Alice in Wonderland” since the Franklin Roosevelt days. Particularly in the last 50 years, our "through the looking glass" experience has done nothing but become stranger and stranger. We have adopted an attitude that everyone is a victim, everyone needs a safe space. We have done this to the point there is no one left to provide the safe space and there is no one left to pay the bills for the safe space, so we have borrowed and tried all sorts of sleight-of-hand tricks to keep the game afloat.

The national debt continues to soar and as the annual deficit continues unabated we have resorted to silly accounting ideas to keep the game going. Silly statements have been made about growing our way out of the deficit at the same time we have deprived over 50 million future Americans of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because a woman might be inconvenienced by having a baby. Simultaneously, we have made adoption so onerous that many have resorted to going outside the country to find babies to adopt.

For conservatives like me, no matter the subject, the retort to questions has always been, “It is a complicated matter, let’s rely on the professionals to tell us the answers” or “you are just insensitive to the needs of others.”

Nonsense on both counts. Accounting is merely arithmetic – some of the simplest mathematics there is. Budgets, deficits and so forth are accounting issues. There is no great mystery here – if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide, you can understand accounting quite easily. You can then see what kinds of trouble we are in when it comes to finances on the national level.

As far as growth is concerned, we seem to have traded growth from within – our homemade fetuses – with un-vetted imported growth. Yet, the same people who want to deny fetuses the right to live are quick to call one some sort of calloused monster if they want a process to validate the good intentions of immigrants, our new source of growth. Nonsensical logic.

The Democrats, I mean elitists, have become a party of two distinct groups – the ultra-rich and the extremely poor. The ultra-rich are the globalists who continue to profit mightily from the trade agreements, alliances and importation of skilled cheap intellectual labor. The poor are a product of this political sector and serve the purpose of winning elections for the power brokers.

The Republicans elitists have joined the Democrat elitists. In the last year, this has come out in the open when a demand was made that all the Republican presidential candidates swear to support the nominee of the party. Only one was honest enough to say he might not be able to make that pledge. The rest harrumphed around about his behavior, yet, in the end, they were the ones to not keep the pledge, obstinate to the point that one of these wouldn’t even attend the convention of his own party held in his own state. Governor Kasich, you are no better than Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, all these power brokers have created a regulatory class which has been designed to keep the rest of us in check when we steer too far from their will. Now, there is a real chance to break their hold on our economy and set it free to grow.

In the end, we were sent an unlikely political savior. The names he has been called, the way he has been treated, reminds me of the stories of the treatment of Holy Savior sent to us 2,000 years ago. The Pharisees and Sadducees of today are likely not done with him yet, but let’s hope he can help us dodge exile in Babylon for a while longer.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press.