(Photo courtesy of Lara Hamilton)
(Photo courtesy of Lara Hamilton)
The Lynchburg Cub Scout Pack 6120 held their annual Pinewood Derby on Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Lynchburg-Clay Elementary School.    

Each Cub Scout made a derby car using an official Boy Scout kit with their car weighing as close to five ounces as possible.  

Sportsmanship and camaraderie were stressed in the competition.  

Results were as follows:

Tiger den: 1st – Sam Hamilton; 2nd – David Wilson; – 3rd – Davis King.

Wolf den: 1st – Zane Hawk; 2nd – Daniel Bauer.

Bear den: 1st – Logan Throckmorten; 2nd – Garrett Willey; 3rd – Jacob Stewart.

Webelos I: 1st – Jeremy Bingaman; 2nd – Zach Fithren; 3rd – Gavin Frazier.

Webelos II: 1st – Michael Naylor; 2nd – Casey Barger; 3rd – Daniel Bohl.

The first place winner in each den competed against each other with the following results: 1st place, Jeremy Bingaman; 2nd place, Sam Hamilton; 3rd place, Michael Naylor; 4th place, Logan Throckmorton; and 5th place, Zane Hawk.  

Pictured are: Zach Hawk, Logan Throckmorton, Michael Naylor, Sam Hamilton, Jeremy Bingaman and Carol Ann Naylor, Cub Master.