A Hillsboro man has been indicted on heroin trafficking charges, following an undercover drug investigation by the Highland County Sheriff's Office and the Pipeline 23 Major Crimes Task Force.

Lamoine Curtis, 51, was indicted by a grand jury in Highland County Common Pleas Court during its July session. He was arrested July 13 on the warrant from the indictment.

"His indictment is the result of an undercover drug operation by the Highland County Sheriff's Office, with the Pipeline 23 Major Crimes Task Force," Highland County Sheriff Ron Ward told The Highland County Press on Monday. "

Curtis was indicted on five counts of trafficking in heroin, felonies of the fifth degree; and five counts of possession, felonies of the fifth degree.


"The alleged trafficking occurred between Dec. 30, 2011 and May 22, 2012," Ward said. "He allegedly sold heroin to undercover agents. All five counts involved trafficking in heroin."

Ward said that while there were no co-defendents indicted with Curtis, "as in all investigations of this type, it is still an ongoing investigation, and at some point it may involve co-defendants."

Curtis was arraigned Monday in Highland County Common Pleas Court before Judge Rocky Coss. Curtis was represented by defense attorney Conrad Curren. The state was represented by Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins. Bond was set at $10,000.

He had previously been indicted in April on one count of trafficking in drugs, one count of possession of drugs, and one count of having weapons under disability.

"We, as law enforcement, are very concerned that we have, in Hillsboro and in Highland County, a heroin problem," Ward said. "These are some of the efforts we are taking in trying to take the addicts, as well as the suppliers, off the streets. All these heroin cases are tied to the upward trend in theft and burglary cases, not only in Highland County, but Southern Ohio and the Midwest. Highland County is just a microcosm of what we're seeing regionally and nationally. These are some of the efforts in going after the persons involved in the trafficking of heroin."