The Highland County Board of Commissioners has appointed Lynn Patton to the Highland County Board of Development Disabilities.

After reviewing the two applications that were received, it was found that one applicant was a public employee and civil service employee and was ineligible.

This was verified with the prosecutor.

Tom Horst made a motion to appoint Lynn Patton to the position.

Jeremy Shaffer seconded the motion and all approved.

Other Board of DD members include: Linda Allen, Deb Tissot, Sam Snyder, Cheryl Lyle, Karen Adams and Leo Kuhn.

The board had three open seats at the beginning of 2012 after board members Gary Buchanan, John Fittro and Megan Filson left.

Board members are appointed by the Highland County Board of Commissioners or the county juvenile/probate court judge, with the most recent appointments falling to the county commissioners.

In February the commissioners appointed Cheryl Lyle, Leo Kuhn and Donnie Barrera. However, it was later determined, in accordance with a case from the Ohio Ethic's Commission, that Barrera's appointment would be in conflict with his job at the Highland County Sheriff's Office.