According to multiple reports, there was an explosion at the JM Stuart Generating Station in Aberdeen Tuesday.

The Dayton Power & Light website describes the Adams County station as “a coal and diesel generator facility” with four coal-fired units and four diesel generators.

Dayton Power & Light posted the following on their Facebook Tuesday: “DP&L confirms an incident occurred at Stuart Station in Southern Ohio around 1 p.m. today. The plant was evacuated, and reports have accounted for all DP&L employees and contractors. Six people were treated for non-life threatening injuries. We are working to confirm details regarding the incident.”

The following report was posted by Mary Ann Kearns of the Maysville Ledger Independent:

“Early reports indicate there may be injuries and multiple ambulances were on the scene. A Maysville fire truck was also spotted by a reporter. A Manchester ambulance left the scene with lights flashing and sirens wailing, apparently headed toward Maysville and Meadowview Regional Medical Center with an injured person.

“Witnesses said they heard an explosion in Manchester and black smoke was seen coming from one of the stacks at the generating plant.”

“There are reports that it was Unit 1 which blew up and that the side is gone from one building, although there is no information on what building that is,” according to the Ledger Independent.
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