The Dayton Daily News reports today that a former aide to Ohio House Speaker and Highland County representative in the General Asembly Cliff Rosenberger obtained a mortgage from the same Republican Party donor who rents out a luxury condominium to Rosenberger.

In a DDN story by Laura A. Bischoff, it is reported that “Franklin County records show Northbank 503 LLC, which is owned by top Republican contributor Ginni Ragan, gave a $209,354 mortgage to Hunter Wright II in April 2016. Wright purchased a 1,000-square-foot condo unit in downtown Columbus for $210,000, according to the Franklin County Auditor’s office.

“The arrangement does not break any ethics laws, according to the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee director,” Bischoff writes. “But Catherine Turcer, of the good government watchdog group Common Cause Ohio, said Ragan’s financial links to Rosenberger and his former aide raise questions about transparency. ‘It’s really all a little bit too cozy,’” Turcer said. “‘We have Ginni Ragan, a major donor, with a political operative-lobbyist, and we have the speaker of the House receiving what one can only assume is a good deal. Really, it just leaves Ohioans with more questions than answers.”

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