Martin Proctor appeared in Highland County Common Pleas Court, via video teleconference from the Highland County Justice Center, for a pretrial hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Also appearing in court were Proctor’s attorney, JD Wagoner, and Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins on behalf of the state.

Proctor has been charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and endangering children, a third-degree felony.

During the pretrial, Highland County Common Pleas Court Judge Rocky Coss noted that a request for discovery on behalf of the defendant was filed on April 7. The state also filed a request for discovery on April 18.

Collins told Coss that the state is working to obtain “certified copies of medical records” for Proctor’s child. Coss said that if they are not received within 10 days, the state should issue a subpoena for the records.

“We have custody of the child, so it shouldn’t be an issue,” Collins said.

Wagoner said that at this time, he does not expect any pretrial motions.

Regarding Proctor’s charges, the following report was released Wednesday, March 15 by the Hillsboro Police Department:

“On March 12, the Hillsboro Police Department received information that a 3-week-old child was brought to the Highland District Hospital in the early morning hours. The child was then transported by life squad to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, where the child was listed as in critical condition due to suspicious circumstances, at which time our department was contacted.

“The Interim Chief of Police, G. Steven Browder, assigned officers to the case for investigation, and officers began by responding to Children’s Hospital, where it was discovered that the child’s injuries were suspected to be from the infant being abused.

“On March 15, at approximately 4:03 p.m., the Hillsboro Police Department arrested the infant’s natural father; Martin D. Proctor, 27, of Hillsboro, for a second-degree felony of felonious assault, and Proctor was transported to the Highland County Jail.”

According to Highland County assistant prosecutor James Roeder, the infant has since been released from the hospital and is now in foster care.

As previously reported in The Highland County Press, Highland County Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer granted a request from Highland County Children Services for “court-ordered protective supervision” of the 1-month-old on March 15.

Greer also granted an order of no contact between Proctor and the infant, as well as one between Proctor and his 8-year-old child.

During that hearing, case worker Wendy Setty of Highland County Children Services testified that “[the infant] had severe subdural hematomas, which is bleeding on the brain, and was on a ventilator due to a medically induced coma because [the infant] was having seizures caused by the bleeding.”

A final pretrial in the Proctor case is set for May 17, with a jury trial scheduled to begin June 12.