“Turn us, O God of our salvation … Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? Shew us thy mercy, O Lord …” These prayers from Psalm 85 (verses 4, 6, 7) are on our hearts during this Thanksgiving season more than ever.

America has a heritage and history that are Biblical in basis and Christian in concept. Godly men and women resolved that true freedom must come only from its Author. They valiantly sought divine sovereignty as the guiding beacon to direct the affairs of this new nation.

The Thanksgiving season should take our thinking to the Pilgrims and their pursuit of freedom to express Biblical faith in God. The 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact sought the place wherein their families could worship and serve the Creator without State sanction. The motto of their Compact became: “To the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” At the very center of their faith stood Jesus Christ and His death, burial, resurrection from the dead and ascension to Heaven.

We thank our Maker this season for the framework built into the structure of America. It is fabricated upon principles that promote liberty of spirit and personal decision. Attendant with that freedom, of course, is the possibility that Christian values may be decided against and that God would be rejected and His only Son despised. How sad to see that happen.

America’s founding institutions and national documents were fashioned from Scripture. The wisdom of God was carved into the reasoning of practically every motive that girded her formation.

Our first U.S. president was chosen, in part, because he was a leader of profound Christian faith. George Washington held the precious virtues of this faith because his reliance was on the wisdom and power of God. No nation has had the foundations like America has – and for that we must be profoundly thankful.

Thousands of Americans have felt the honor of these blessings and have peeled off their jackets for testing and swearing-in for military service. Each generation has answered the call to protect our precious heritage, and it is only by the grace of God that they, in most cases, have been successful. For that cause, we are thankful!

God’s gifts of freedoms to our land have not been maintained without cost. Cemeteries across America mark each life and name of those who sacrificed – sometimes supremely – so that future generations of Americans could experience God’s blessing and be grateful.

Ordinary Americans carry on with the lives of family and loved ones everyday, without fanfare, parade or public protest. They are busy in their vocations and family-building labors and seldom get any notice or acclaim from the powerful news media locomotive. The everyday, law-abiding worker and retiree is not interested in getting attention from the public. They are often folks of Christian faith and have their days filled with cares and chores to invest in hearth and home, loved ones and church families.

The common American citizen is not at all interested in change for the sake of change. We still want the traditional and time-proven values that our forefathers and mothers wrought and bought for us.

Nothing with value comes without cost, and the thankful American will be willing to pay the price. The spiritual descendants of our Christian fathers and mothers must step up to uphold the moral foundations that our Bible gives, or else our children will not have them.

Humble and resolute citizens are found pouring any extra energies into life-building work on the part of others. They are not so shrink-wrapped into themselves as the hourly newscast portrays about some. Christianity has a way of unbinding a person from the shackles of their own self-absorption. John writes in the eighth chapter of his gospel: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (verses 32 and 36).

The person who is now free by faith in Jesus Christ is at liberty to live for their personal Savior and no longer just for themselves. The joy found in serving the Master Designer is beyond what they could have formerly imagined. New vitality is infused into our work because it is now being done for God’s glory and no longer just for our own.

Whatever we do, we can do with zeal and thanksgiving. Our compassions become loosened to really care about God’s work and other folks. Needy and unwanted children, babies that are abandoned and crisis pregnancy centers are places and people into which our lives may be invested. Medical missionaries and food providers are needed both here and abroad, as are those who would carry the Gospel to all nations.

The America for which we are so thankful is under attack by an agenda of some who have not yet surrendered themselves to the sovereignty and loving-kindness of their Creator. Their paradings will attempt to dismantle the moral and spiritual structure of our nation as they seek to silence the voice of God-fearing Americans. The hostility of the self-directed wanderers is daily becoming more astounding and fierce. It will not stop until Christianity is erased, it seems.

Satan is behind the sentiments of the world but has given nifty names as cover-ups for these devilish crusades. Positive words such as “pro-choice,” “diversity” and “tolerance” come to mind as we see through to their real intents.

What will be the “America” that we, one day, will place into the arms of those coming after our generations? These are the perilous times written about in 2 Timothy 3:1-5! The great blessings in America, for which we are so thankful, will not continue if we abandon our Creator or neglect to even recognize His existence.

As we enjoy the blessings of our nation and of this blessed season, we must also resolve to enlist in the battle for truth and freedom. By receiving Jesus Christ into your heart and resolving that He would be your personal Savior, you become His soldier and warrior. Living your life for Him will be the most thankworthy decision you could ever make!