To the editor:

If I could write an open letter to the national “news” media after their response to President Trump’s inaugural speech, I would say: To ABC News, CBS News, CNN News, NBC News, and all others to whom it applies – and you should know who you are:

More than “comments” were made by “news” personnel at various news organizations – they ferociously “opinionated" – appallingly. Now is the time to decide if you want your own talk show or if you would like to do your best to try to be "journalists," if you know how.

This will be a good test for you, and probably will set the pace for your advancement or decline. Hopefully, you can stop the free-fall that you have been experiencing if you will be less partisan. Now is the time to stop acting out like spoiled children, and become adults covering (as impartially as your job description should read) the happenings in Washington.

Our country would probably not be experiencing the discord it presently is, had you been doing your jobs objectively, as they did in days past when journalist was what they could honestly claim to be, and no one could guess what their political leanings were. (Think Tim Russert, Walter Cronkite – I had no idea of their politics until they passed away and it was revealed).

When journalists became celebrities, they forgot how to do their jobs, and mistakenly thought we wanted their opinions.

Stop decrying the "popular vote" that you know is not the way our country counts votes. Electoral College voting causes candidates to need votes from all over the country, instead of just the heavily populated large states. This way, portions of the rural areas of our country can witness rallies and hear directly from candidates, and be informed, and be just as important as urban areas in casting their votes. It is time for you to accept facts and move on.

Stop belly-aching over the tone of the new president's message – it was a pledge of good will for all Americans. Yes, President Obama's efforts were criticized, just as was done by Obama in his first inaugural speech, excoriating President Bush's efforts. This was a notice to all of congress that President Trump is there – not for Republican or Democrat partisanship (or lobbyists), but to make the country better for every citizen. Americans want the power games to stop! We now have someone to fight for us. We should all have hope things will get better for every citizen.

Donald J. Trump will serve in this demanding job for $1 a year. He doesn't need the money, or even prestige; he is a successful man in his own right.

Our founding fathers were gentlemen farmers, so why do you think it strange that a successful businessman should come to the much-needed aid of Washington to lead the nation? He struck a nerve with people who were absolutely sick of Washington's business as usual. President Trump certainly doesn't need the aggravation of dealing with power-hungry stuffed shirts (or dresses). He has not maligned any law-abiding American people, but has put on notice any who will not obey our laws or would seek to do our country harm.

Let him speak for himself, and don’t believe what others claim. He loves America and reveres our Constitution. He’s not liberal, not conservative, not perfect; he is a pragmatist. Give him a chance; do not judge him; let him prove himself.

National media, I know you were surprised at the outcome of the election, but Donald J. Trump was duly elected and is the one and only “legitimate” president. Please realize that people had a choice to make, and he is the one chosen to be in charge at this time. Please do not act as if our votes count for nothing.

Talk about voter suppression – even after the fact. Despite being without benefit of previous knowledge of questions to be asked at two presidential debates, provided by the media to his opponent, he still prevailed. It may be because of such media prejudice and interference that this presidency has come about. Most people like to think for themselves, evaluate what they have been experiencing (no jobs, insurance prices up 30 percent), and vote for what is better for themselves. Help them be properly informed with the facts (only).

President Trump has always said he means the best for America's citizens, including protection from those wanting to do harm to the country, whether from the inside or the outside of our borders. God bless him in that effort; it is a very dangerous world. We no longer want media to interfere and cause further struggles among our citizenry. If you’re upset with the election outcome, you should only blame yourselves.

Take inventory of your own better judgment, try to show some class, and do as Tom Hanks, a Hollywood Democrat did, and say, "I hope he does such a good job that I vote for him in four years."

Learn the lesson and do your job properly. Try to be as open to this president’s hard work as you were to the last resident of the Oval Office and his family. Learn to be fair.

My evaluation of the Trump inaugural speech: A home run. Finally, someone heard us and cared.

Linda Hodge
Hillsboro, Ohio