To the editor:

The great American Common School System set sail and became established in spite of a sea of opposition from some folks who had limited vision of democracy and/or lack of an appreciation for the common good.

Fortunately, a vast majority of those American people understood the nexus between the democratic control of the "government" schools (common schools) and the common good.

Democracy nurtured the common school and the common school buttressed democracy.

"Government" is not a dirty word in the realm of public education, contrary to the propaganda of privatizers that "private"-is-better-than-"government."

"Government" schools outperform charters. Two decades of experience with the fraud-ridden, mostly failed charter industry, cry out for a complete return to the public common system for all the children of all the people.

The 21st century public common school system is now caught in a political/ideological struggle that is likely more divisive than 200 years ago. On one side is a solid majority of the American people and on the other side is a minority of mostly wealthy individuals who view education as a for-profit industry.

The original charter school concept was hijacked early on by the for-profit business interests and anti-public school gang. The conscientious charter school folks are overshadowed by the for-profit operatives; hence, it is time for the state to scrap the current charter industry and provide school districts sufficient resources to expand choice.

William L. Phillis
Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding