To the editor:

Several members of the community have contacted me out of concern and with questions concerning potential homeless scams.

The Highland County Homeless Shelter is the only shelter in Highland County and a 501(c)(3) organization. Before donating to someone claiming to be homeless and claiming we are full, please feel free to contact us at 937-393-0634.

Be aware of individuals holding signs on the street, Gofundme pages, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and individuals contacting churches for monetary donations.

The Highland County Homeless Shelter is here to assist anyone truly in need. We take these claims very seriously and understand the importance of a donation.

As the Executive Director, I understand and appreciate the generosity of our community. We verify the validity of all individuals and families requesting assistance to ensure that those truly in need receive help.

Thank you,

Greg Hawkins, Executive Director
Highland County Homeless Shelter