To the editor:

I guess I just don't rate.

After 9/11, my name, James R. Thompson, showed up on some no-fly list. Ironically, it usually caused a problem on return flights to Atlanta, not outward-bound ones.

Two memorable situations: Coming back from vacation in Hawaii, I was detained for about 15 minutes; coming back from LaGuardia, I was detained for several hours as they had to call an FBI agent out from Manhattan to interview me. I missed my flight.

In both of these memorable cases and all other cases, this happened at the ticket counter, never even made it to security. This all happened on domestic flights.

Finally, I found some place in Homeland Security to write to and they fixed it. It was understandable; after all, I had a highly suspicious name.

The ACLU did not show up. No one protested for me – not even my family. They laughed.

Jim Thompson
Duluth, Ga.