CINCINNATI – Our Daily Bread was shocked today by an act of violence that took place in our dining room. An active shooter walked through our doors at 8:30 this morning and shot and killed a man in our lower dining room. He then shot and wounded a woman, who was taken to the hospital. The police have not yet released names, but this incident was believed to have been caused by a domestic dispute between the shooter and his victims. This incident did not appear to involve any regular Our Daily Bread guests. No other guests, volunteers, or staff were injured. The gunman turned himself in peacefully and is now detained.

Understandably, the Our Daily Bread family is very shaken. Our Daily Bread is a place of safety and rest for all who need us and will continue to be so. We will be closed for a few days to re-group as a staff and work with the police and security experts to increase our building safety. We will resume meal services and Kids Club as soon as possible. When we re-open, we will work with local trauma teams and the police to ensure that our guests, volunteers and staff receive the support they need to process this terrible occurrence.

Thank you to Prince of Peace, Metro, St. Francis and Over the Rhine Soup Kitchen for rallying so quickly to provide our guests with a warm place to stay and food while our building was an active crime scene. Thank you to the Cincinnati Police for their bravery, professionalism and kindness. Thank you to the social service community and our volunteers for the well-wishes and support of our guests. We thank the community for your continued support and prayers.

Our Daily Bread Staff